WarHammer – Trailer


Warhammer – Trailer

Warhammer is a high fantasy fictional universe created by Games Workshop and used in many of its games, including the table top wargame Warhammer Fantasy Battle, the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFRP) pen-and-paper role-playing game, and the MMORPG Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

Warhammer is notable for its “dark and gritty” background world, which featured a culture similar in appearance to Early Modern Germany crossed with Tolkien’s Middle-earth. “Chaos” was central to the setting, as the forces of Chaos are unceasingly attempting to tear the mortal world asunder.

The world itself was populated with a variety of races such as humans, high elves, dark elves, wood elves, dwarfs, undead, orcs, lizardmen, and other creatures familiar to many fantasy/role-playing settings.

The first edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battle (WFB) was released by Games Workshop in early 1983. Prior to this release, the company dealt primarily with the importing of American role-playing games, as well as support and review of gaming products, either through their White Dwarf magazine periodical or as separate commercially available products.

The game was a mix of a simple rule system with a background that was drawn from standard fantasy themes. The dedication was, in part, “to Michael Moorcock… whose fault it all is”. The game thrived, and subsequent supplements added the particular background to the game.

Each “Army List” included a partial history and some related aspects such as notable figures or short illustrative stories. With the publication of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay in 1987, the setting had moved from background of the game to a full-fledged fantasy setting.

Warhammer is a science fantasy game produced by Games Workshop. The game depicts combat between the armies of the fictional universe of the 41st Millennium using 28 mm scale (approximately 1:65) miniature figurines that represent futuristic soldiers, creatures and vehicles of war.

Lines of these miniatures are produced by Games Workshop and Forge World and are available at their brick-and-mortar and online stores.There are currently eleven rival factions to choose from. The ethos is summed up by the game’s subtitle slogan: “In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war.”

Warhammer is the science fiction companion to Warhammer Fantasy Battle and shares many of the same game mechanics. The Warhammer setting is also used for several other games such as Epic, as well as having spread to many other media, such as books and video games.

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