World in Conflict

World in Conflict

World in Conflict is a 2007 real-time tactical video game developed by the Swedish video game company Massive Entertainment and published by Sierra Entertainment for Microsoft Windows.

The game was released in September 2007, receiving generally favorable reviews and several awards. An expansion pack was released in March 2009 under the name World in Conflict: Soviet Assault.

The single-player game is set in 1989 during the social, political, and economic collapse of the Soviet Union. However, the title postulates an alternate history scenario where the Soviet Union pursued a course of the war to remain in power.

Failing to achieve aid diplomatically, Soviet forces invade Western Europe and the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. The player assumes the role of First Lieutenant Parker, a United States Army officer who serves with the disgraced Captain Bannon, under the command of Colonel Sawyer.

World in Conflict offers multiplayer functionality, supporting up to 16 players online or over LAN. The official Massgate servers were shut down by Ubisoft in December 2015. However, in 2017, the player community restored online multiplayer functionality through an unaffiliated version of Massgate.

The storyline is actually pretty well thought out. The Soviet Union, realizing that they are far outclassed and about to lose the Cold War, invade westward through Europe.

While war rampages there, being fought primarily by NATO, the Russkies do a surprise attack on Seattle and manage to use the depleted troop numbers in the US (remember: they are fighting in Europe) and take the entire city.

They also attempt to take New York City but are pushed back by a determined US force. A few flashback missions later, and it is revealed that the Chinese are helping their Communist allies and are planning to use their superior troop numbers to expand out of Seattle using the Russian foothold and flood the United States with a huge amount of manpower.

Directors: Tobias Strömvall David Wheeler

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