Rise of AI & Robots: A boon or curse?

We all have seen super-intelligent robots, humanoids enslaving us and destroying the planet earth in films. We all may agree that most of the robot-centered films in Hollywood show robots as evil or mean machines of destruction.

Rise of AI & Robots: A boon or curse?

There are only few robot films that are centered on more positive and humanistic aspects of machines, such as Big Hero 6, Pixar’s Wall-E etc.

Rise of AI & Robots: A boon or curse?


Continuous advancement in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence has made things possible now, and not limited to only films. The International Robot Exhibition (IREX) that happens every two years in Japan brings advanced industrial robots.

This year biggest development in AI and robots grabbed the attention of the world with robotics beyond imagination.

Erica looks and sounds far more realistic from previous humanoid versions. Therefore, she possesses an ability to understand and respond to questions with the human-like change in facial expression. Well, she certainly not perfect, but she is closest we have seen to a robot impersonating a human.

She is the most beautiful and intelligent humanoid created with a collaborative effort between the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute, International Osaka, and Kyoto universities.

Robots are revolutionizing our world: see below some of the recent inventions in robotics.

Rise of AI & Robots: A boon or curse?
Image Courtesy: YouTube/ Plastic Pals

Robobear can pick you up.

Image Courtesy: Issei Kato

An employee of a department store in Japan poses with a kimono-clad android robot named Aiko Chihira, developed by Toshiba Corp.

Image Courtesy: JAXA

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency’s JEM Internal Ball Camera, called Int-Ball, can record video in space while remote controlled from the ground.

But increasing robots has also thrown up questions. That In future, the human-machine relationship will coexist in harmony or not? But, one thing is clear: Robots are changing our world, and more importantly, the way we work.

Rise of AI & Robots: A boon or curse?


Though, there is a darker side. The general public is in fear with the ever-evolving technology of these robots involved in assembly and production-related jobs. They are one of the main factors behind increasing unemployment.

Because, in the 1970’s, the majority of gas station attendants’ lost jobs due to the adoption of self-serve gas pumps.  A few months ago, fast-food giant – Dominos announced about their recent development in robotics technology. They are working on the creation of robots that are capable of delivering pizzas to nearby customers. This will straightly have an effect on mass unemployment of delivery guys.

According to the prediction of Roland Berge, in the next 10 years, alone robots could take up many of the activities of unskilled jobs, potentially affecting up to 1.5 million in the Eurozone.



First, we have to accept that robots are a part of our society. With an increasing demand for robots in the workplace, it will definitely create countless job opportunity for people to design, assemble, operate and maintain robots. According to industry statistics, robotics technology will create around 2 million jobs in the next eight years alone.

These automation-based technologies certainly help provide an alternative to employees dealing with repetitive tasks or unsafe working conditions. In Poland and Brazil, they are already using drones to inspect unsafe buildings and for removing snow from roofs.

The future of AI has no limits; it can change billions of lives across the world.

With this ever-increasing co-dependency between humans and robots, it is imperative that we provide specialized training to those handling robots and humanoids. It is easy to view robots more as collaborative co-workers and less as the evil machines many movies make them out to be.

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Written by Ved Prakesh


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