Porsche Electric Car Dominate Frankfurt Motor Show

The new innovation in automobile industry promises spectacular futuristic electric cars for us. All Automobile giants like Porsche, BMW, Jaguar and much more are competing in hybrid and electric cars to create the future of Automobiles industry.

The Frankfurt Motor show, Germany, it’s one of the biggest international motor show in the world. The following major introduction was showcased at the 2017 show.

The luxury cars that presented there include The Nissan Leaf 2018 Electric car, Jaguar F-Pace, BMW Zippy I Vision Dynamics, and much more.

electric cars
Image Courtesy: Porsche

At Frankfurt Motor show, Porsche showed off its much-awaited a fully Electric car. According to the official information, the All-new Porsche Mission E is expected to hit the road at the end of 2019.

The new generation Porsche Mission E is estimated around $85,000. Earlier, the company made an announcement that they will bring the new Electric Cars in the market by the end of 2020; however, the company has already unveiled the car’s model at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show which may seem that car is going to hit the roads soon.

electric cars
Image Courtesy: Porsche

Before launching it for the General public in the market, the company has to test the car and for testing purpose, they may soon announce the dates to test out this car. Porsche Mission E Electric Car has a sporty look and four doors which open in a different way.

Since we still are waiting to know more about this new car from the company. As they have not revealed any specifications of this new concept Electric car. But, don’t be disheartened, as during the show the company had shared few things that one can expect from this car.


Image Courtesy: Porsche

As per the official statement by the Porsche spokesperson –  the all-new Porsche Mission E Electric car’s features include:


You can easily cover 300 miles journey on a single charge in your Porsche Mission E Electric Car. The other feature you might see in the new generation fully electric car is fast-charging. With 350kW you can recharge the battery in no time.

Image Courtesy: Porsche

Porsche has promised to bring technologically advanced features to this electric Car. It will install and update software automatically. So, you don’t have to manually update the car’s software.

Image Courtesy: Porsche

Apart from this, it will have a display which will move according to the drive, if your drive goes left or right, the display shows the same things with a clear view. Also, it will have a built-in eye tracking technology feature that allows drivers to select menu settings using their eyes. The camera will capture your eye-movement and it will do things accordingly.

Image Courtesy: Porsche

Additionally, it will not have exterior mirrors, but the camera at all sides making it the futuristic car.

Gone are the days, when electric cars were just fuel efficient, as Porsche Mission E electric car is surely breaking the odds and changing the trend with its stunning design and beauty.

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Written by Ved Prakesh

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