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    20 of the Best Kitchen Gifts for Food Lovers

    The holiday season is around the corner, you’ve yet to decide what you’re going to gift. Don’t fret! Here we’ve curated a list of coolest kitchen tools & innovative gadgets that you can buy on Amazon. These time-saving kitchen tools and gadgets can help anyone in various tasks in the kitchen like baking, cooking, slicing, […] More

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    10 Best Travel Gadgets for Travel Enthusiasts

    Are you heading to your next overseas trip or long-awaited holiday destination? Have you packed all travel essentials like your sunscreen lotion, toothbrush, charger, shampoo, conditioner etc., but think again, this may not be enough for your travel. To add up to your convenience and save money on travel expense. Here, we are suggesting you the best 10 travel gadgets that are life-saver for the travel enthusiasts. More

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    10 Wireless Headphones For Music Aficionado

    Music makes our long commutes enjoyable, it easies us out from an overwhelming workload or a long day at the office, and even from a bad breakup. To enjoy sweet melodies we need headphones that make listening to our favourite song or artists an unforgettable experience. But, finding the right pair of wireless headphones amidst all the option is tough. More

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    Gone are the days when your mom used to say – Video games are bad for your health. With the coming of advanced gaming gadgets such as motion sensors & controllers – Video games have now become a new source for quick physical activities. You can do things like jumping, dodging, and flailing around the room to move your player in the game. More

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    Best selling 10 home theatre projectors for Gaming & Cinema lovers

    Home theatre projectors are an affordable way to experience cinema at home. Even, the large big screen TVs can’t promise the viewing experience like that. A home theatre projector that can deliver a mesmerizing picture quality, from stunning HD models to 4K picture, here are our best 10 home theatre projectors picks available in the market: More

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    Top 5 Awesome Fitness Gadgets Of 2017 On Amazon

    You run every morning to burn calories and maintain a perfect body shape. It’s a natural way to keep your health in check, but do you exactly know your progress, or where you need to work more. This is where Fitness gadgets come to help you improve technique, monitor progress, and train you to achieve a set target. Gadgets & fitness tech can help you identify the weak areas, and also provide you tips & training to become a pro-runner. While a digital watch, sweatpants, and trainers are on every runner’s top list, but we have gone an extra mile to bring you fitness gadgets that could help you become the next Usain Bolt. More

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    Porsche Electric Car Dominate Frankfurt Motor Show

    The new innovation in automobile industry promises spectacular futuristic electric cars for us. All Automobile giants like Porsche, BMW, Jaguar and much more are competing in hybrid and electric cars to create the future of Automobiles industry. The Frankfurt Motor show, Germany, it’s one of the biggest international motor show in the world. The following major introduction was showcased at the 2017 show. More

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    Proterra’s Electric Bus Breaks a World Record with 1,100 Mile Trip

    In today’s time, people are looking for ways to cut down fuel costs and reach faster to their destination. And with the depleting energy source and increasing oil rates, there is a sudden need for a technology to cater to the million users and provide transit solutions at affordable cost. With that, many companies are working towards a mission to make everyday commute or transportation efficient, reliable, and safer for people. More

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    A Boon for Sketchers: ReMarkable

    We still have a long way off from Paperless future, which was predicted at the coming of the computer age, but one can say that paper and handwritten notes are passé in the internet age, as we hardly use it. This a lightweight and power-efficient E-Ink tablet popularly known as “ReMarkable.” More

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    10 Ninja Writing Tips To Hook Your Reader To Your Website

    The most significant part of online marketing is getting the attention of readers. Your brilliant ideas and your knowledge would be of no use if you don’t have readers’ undivided attention. One way would be, to present you as a person, who genuinely cares and want to help people. Suggesting some actionable solutions, before selling them something, can be one thing you must remember. More

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    Top 10 Chrome Extension Apps To Super Power Your Productivity

    Do you use Gmail and Chrome extensions to complete your email tasks? If your answer is “Yes,” then I’m going to give you some more information about tools that can make your work life a whole lot easier.
    We have created a list of the best Chrome extensions apps that will make managing emails easier and faster. More

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