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    Peugeot Loop: Urban automobile revolution

    The ancient world sports some breathtaking architecture that was way ahead of its time, and some of the buildings constructed by ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians were possible because the architects of the time were efficient and innovative enough to use the wheel in the right possible manner. So what has ancient construction to do […] More

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    Peugeot Facile – A versatile green vehicle

    EcoFactor: An electric concept car that can assume the shape of an electric trike or even an electric monocycle when needed. Peugeot Facile – A versatile green vehicle for future roads The Peugeot Facile is one electric vehicle that sure knows how to adapt to changing conditions and needs. Designed by Thierry Dumaine, the concept car can […] More

  • Maserati Pininfarina 75th Birdcage

    Maserati Pininfarina 75th Birdcage

    In celebration of their 75th anniversary, Pininfarina has chosen to rekindle the spirit of road racing in the sixties. The Birdcage 75th is an extreme concept and an extension of the Maserati brand. It revives the story of a true dream car, a synthesis of exclusive design, sports DNA and technological innovation. Maserati Pininfarina 75th […] More